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Fancy bringing your dog to the wedding?

Fancy bringing your dog to the wedding?

Your wedding day is a wonderful celebration filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. Adding an extra touch of joy to this special occasion can be as simple as including your best buddy – your dog (I know for me personally, that my dogs are a big part of who I am and my family). From being a ring bearer to simply being by your side, here are some heartwarming ways to involve your beloved pup in your big day.

  • Ring Bearer: Instead of a traditional ring bearer, consider having your dog walk down the aisle adorned with a special collar or harness. They can carry the rings in a decorative pouch or attached to a collar pillow, creating an adorable and memorable moment for your guests.
  • Canine Attendant: Assign your dog the role of a canine attendant, standing proudly by your side during the ceremony. Dress them in a cute outfit or floral collar that complements your wedding theme for an extra special touch if you choose (I have even had one dog pop a muddy paw print on the “pretty certificate” of the day!)
  • Let your dog walk you down the aisle: Have your dog walk side by side to you or your partner down the aisle, strolling alongside on a lead or if needed, being carried in your arms. Their presence will add an extra layer of warmth and joy to your procession and also help ease the nerves just a tad.
  • Inclusive Photoshoot: Include your furry friend in your wedding photos, capturing heartwarming moments such as posing for portraits, sharing smooches with the newlyweds, or enjoying some playtime in the venue’s surroundings.
  • Dog-inspired Party Favours: Send your guests home with dog-themed party favours, such as custom dog biscuits, paw-print coasters, or mini dog figurines. These thoughtful tokens will serve as a lasting reminder of the best friend who simply had to be included as a part of your wedding day.

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