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To many of you, my face (and my husband’s)  may be quite familiar!
As someone who is not afraid to “get out there” and “think out of the box” we have both been involved in and seen wearing many different hats. From building Australia’s first earthbag dome home, to running local markets & events, public speaking and just “out and about” we are known to be creative, have a laugh (and be serious where needed) and get things done.
I grew up in Bunbury area (South West) and currently live in Kendenup (Great Southern) and often travel back and forth between these areas not only for ceremonies and events, but simply to catch up with amazing friends and family.

I currently do weddings and events throughout the Great Southern and South West regions of Western Australia. Depending upon the location, there may be a travel fee involved, however I am always upfront with this when we first speak (I don’t believe in nasty surprises!)
The first 100km from my property in Kendenup is included in my “free travel zone”.

I accept cash, card (Debit or Credit Card via Square), direct bank transfer or Afterpay

I do not share information with others who is or isn’t getting married  it is up to you to tell them! (I respect your privacy)

However please note, if / when I share photos on my social media, people may see and identify you.

If you need to be 100% certain that your identity is hidden (as I know sometimes things can be a tad awkward) we can blur photos and make sure not to mention any names. We will need to discuss this as part of our Client Services Agreement and come to an agreement as to what can and can’t be shared. Be default I am normally able to share some photos from each ceremony – small businesses like mine rely on sharing in order to spread the word about what we do.

This depends upon the type of ceremony that you have chosen and what has been included.
A “legals only” (registry style) wedding may only be 5 minutes, however a fully personalised ceremony can be anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes from walking in to the end of the signing.

Whilst this is a traditional expectation – it is totally up to you. So – quite simply no!
If you don’t wish to kiss in front of everyone, then don’t!

Many couples are opting not to exchange rings. They may exchange other gifts or only one partner have a ring. There is no requirement for rings. Get married anyway and we can discuss some other fun way to exchange your vows!

It is time to Book a Catchup Call with me.

For any of my couples who book more than a Legals only, I offer to help you write your vows.
We discuss what we would like to cover, and I draft them for you. You are then welcome to use them “as is” or to “tweek” a bit more to your liking.

If you are having a “themed ceremony” and want me to wear a costume or particular style of outfit, then please let me know. There may be an additional cost involved to cover the expense of the outfit.
PS: If you have ever seen me at a market – you will know I am not afraid of getting dressed up and in the moment!

How long is a piece of string?
If you know the date – then book your celebrant! (Hopefully me!)

By law, the latest we can lodge your Notice of Intention to Marry is one calendar month before your wedding date – so please do not leave it until last minute. You don’t want to leave it to last minute, have everything else organised and then find you can’t get the celebrant you want! (and after all, without a celebrant, it isn’t a wedding, it is just a day of celebration)
I am currently take bookings up to 3 years in advance. Don’t hesitate to reach out and see if I have the date you would like available.

Absolutely! This is your day.

Whilst there is the “traditional” or “expected” way of running a ceremony, the truth is that you can be super creative and totally “out of the box”, from a themed wedding, to something “in the park” to a wedding in the middle of your “engagement party” (surprising your guests) – as long as the minimum legal requirements are met, the rest can be done how you please!

Take a look at some of the ideas in the Blog.

I like to go through everything that you need when we first meet up.
I let you know what documentation we need to complete, what identification and information that I need and step you through a range of amazing ideas to make your ceremony and your day amazing!