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Bound together with love

Are you looking for a more spiritual, traditional or older style ceremony like handfasting?

Handfasting is an ancient celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives.

You can have a completely separate ceremony or include handfasting as a part of your legal wedding ceremony.

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Handfasting is a cherished and ancient tradition that stands as a beautiful ceremony in its own right. Originating from Celtic customs, it has grown into a meaningful ritual that celebrates love, unity, and commitment.

I am privileged to guide couples through this symbolic gesture, crafting a moment that is deeply personal and profoundly significant.

  • Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ritual where the hands of the couple are bound together with cords or ribbons to symbolize their union.
  • It is a deeply symbolic and spiritual ceremony that represents the joining of two souls in marriage.
  • The cords or ribbons used in the ceremony can be chosen to reflect the couple’s personal beliefs / journey, cultural heritage, or symbolic colours.
  • During the ceremony, the couple’s hands are bound together as they make vows of love and commitment to each other.
  • Handfasting can be performed as a standalone ceremony or incorporated into a larger celebration, depending on the couple’s preferences.
  • It is a beautiful way to add depth and significance to your special day, creating a lasting symbol of your love and unity.

Note: A handfasting is not a legal marriage ceremony unless we include the legal components (Monitum, Legal Vows etc). It is your choice whether or not to make your handfasting a legally binding marriage ceremony.