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The colours of handfasting what do they mean?

The colours of handfasting – what do they mean?

Handfasting ceremonies have been cherished traditions across various cultures for centuries, symbolising the joining of two individuals in marriage or commitment. One of the most captivating elements of a handfasting ceremony is the array of ribbons used to bind the couple’s hands together. These ribbons, often chosen with care and intention, hold significant symbolic meanings that enrich the ceremony. Let’s delve into the traditional colour meanings of handfasting ribbons, offering insight into the profound symbolism behind this ancient ritual.

  1. White: Representing purity and new beginnings, white ribbons symbolise the fresh start embarked upon by the couple as they enter into their union. White signifies the purity of their intentions and the clean slate upon which their journey together begins.
  2. Red: A colour associated with passion, strength, and love, red ribbons infuse the ceremony with energy and vitality. Red symbolises the fiery ardour and deep emotional connection shared between the couple, expressing their commitment to love and support each other through all challenges.
  3. Blue: Traditionally symbolising loyalty, wisdom, and stability, blue ribbons invoke a sense of trust and faithfulness within the union. Blue represents the steadfast bond between the couple, encouraging mutual respect and the nurturing of a strong foundation for their relationship.
  4. Green: Emblematic of growth, fertility, and abundance, green ribbons celebrate the flourishing journey of the couple as they nurture their partnership. Green signifies the continuous renewal and expansion of their love, encouraging personal and collective growth within their relationship.
  5. Yellow: Radiating warmth, joy, and optimism, yellow ribbons evoke the sunshine of happiness within the couple’s union. Yellow symbolises the shared laughter, optimism, and brightness that illuminate their journey together, fostering a spirit of joy and positivity.
  6. Purple: Reflecting royalty, spirituality, and wisdom, purple ribbons infuse the ceremony with a sense of reverence and sacredness. Purple symbolises the profound spiritual connection between the couple and their shared journey towards greater enlightenment and understanding.
  7. Pink: Symbolising affection, compassion, and tenderness, pink ribbons convey the gentle and nurturing aspects of love within the relationship. Pink represents the caring and compassionate bond between the couple, emphasising the importance of empathy and emotional support.
  8. Gold: Radiating opulence, prosperity, and success, gold ribbons exude a sense of abundance and wealth within the union. Gold symbolises the richness and prosperity of the couple’s shared life together, celebrating their achievements and aspirations for a prosperous future.

Handfasting ribbons serve as powerful symbols of the deep emotional and spiritual bond between couples as they embark on their journey together. Each colour carries its own unique significance, enriching the ceremony with layers of meaning and intention. Whether chosen for their traditional symbolism or personal significance, handfasting ribbons add a beautiful and meaningful element to the sacred ritual of uniting two souls in love and commitment.

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